Vow Renewal Ceremonies

Celebrate your next anniversary with a Renewal of Vows Ceremony

How wonderful to be reaching milestones and being able to celebrate the wonderful relationship you have both thrived in over the years.

Being triumphant over life's many obstacles is something to celebrate. It is an amazing strong love that lasts the test of time, so it's worth celebrating.

Couple by the sea

Either a private vow renewal ceremony with just your family or have a celebration with all your family and friends that have witnessed your wonderful relationship go from strength to strength.

You may like to renew the same vows that you both took on your wedding day or possibly exchange new vows, which may reflect how your relationship has grown and include reference to children and family or milestones throughout your journey.

Your 1st anniversary, or 60th anniversary and all the ones in between they are all worth celebrating. Celebrate with a beautiful Renewal of Vows Ceremony.

My basic fee covers Vow Renewal Ceremonies in Brisbane and Ipswich areas. My services are available outside the greater Brisbane area including Redcliffe, Redlands, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Please note that travel fees do apply for areas outside of the greater Brisbane area.

Wedding Anniversaries

  • 1st Paper
  • 2nd Cotton
  • 3rd Leather
  • 4th Linen
  • 5th Wood
  • 6th Iron
  • 7th Cotton
  • 8th Bronze
  • 9th Pottery
  • 10th Tin
  • 11th Steel
  • 12th Silk
  • 13th Lace
  • 14th Ivory
  • 15th Crystal
  • 20th China
  • 25th Silver
  • 30th Pearl
  • 35th Coral
  • 40th Ruby
  • 45th Sapphire
  • 50th Gold
  • 55th Emerald
  • 60th Diamond