Our First Appointment

This is where we meet and have discussion about what you want for your wedding ceremony.

We start the legal work by filling in the Notice Of Intended Marriage form (provided by me)

  • At that point I would need to see both your original birth certificates (or extracts)
  • If you where born overseas your overseas passport is fine in place of your birth certificate.
  • I would need to see divorce decree / death certificate of past spouse if applicable.
  • Photo id is required ( drivers licences/ 18+ card / passport)
  • Legal change of name certificate if applicable.

Please note: Change of name by deed poll are not valid as proof of change of name.

All documentation shown must be originals not photocopies or certified copies.

If these documents are not available at the 1st appointment, it's not a problem as long as I do sight them one/two weeks before the ceremony.

It is a legal requirement that The Notice Of Intended Marriage be lodged with your celebrant one (1) month before the wedding can take place.

A non-refundable booking fee/deposit of $150.00 is required to save the date.

NO dates can be saved without the booking fee /deposit being paid first, with the balance of the fee due 30 days before the ceremony date. Non-payment of fee's in full 30 days before ceremony date cancels our contract.