Commitment Ceremonies

Announce your love for one another with a Commitment Ceremony

Equal rights in marriage is now legal in Australia, couples no longer have to settle for a commitment ceremony if you wish to be married. For couples that would like to have a commitment ceremony, I am still very happy to offer that service for you.

Every couple can have a beautiful commitment ceremony, it’s a promise that you two are together forever, your committing your love and lives to each other in a beautiful ceremony that acknowledges your deep love and commitment to one another.

This is a ceremony where every couple can publicly and proudly announce to the world that they are loved by one another and this is for forever.


While a commitment ceremony is not a legally binding ceremony, it is a couple’s public affirmation of their shared commitment. The style and feel of the ceremony is a personal choice with some couples opting for a traditional, formal wedding style ceremony while others prefer a more casual unstructured ceremony.

I strive to provide my couples with a beautiful commitment ceremony which lacks in nothing. I work closely with couples to create a lovely ceremony based on both of your preferences, providing email and phone support from our first appointment through until you are completely satisfied with your ceremony.

My standard fee is to provide a lovely commitment ceremony in the Brisbane and Ipswich areas. I am also happy to extend my services south to the Gold Coast and north to the Sunshine Coast, however there is an extra travel fee applicable. Please view my Celebrant Brisbane Fees for full details.