Changing your name after marriage

If you give me your application form for your registered copy of your marriage certificate, (I will give that form to you at our appointment) l will happily lodge that for you on your behalf when l register your marriage.

Approximately 4 to 5 weeks after your wedding you will receive a registered copy of your marriage certificate.

If there is a delay you can ring them and see what the delay is.You can call the registry on 1300 366 430, Keep in mind there are peak times February/ October/ September the registry is super busy during those times and your certificate may take a bit longer to come.

When you receive your certificate and it will look very similar to the certificate you signed on your wedding day. Both your names and details will be listed along with the date and place of marriage. Check all details are correct as soon as you get it, if a mistake has been made by the Registry it is best to let them know as soon as possible.

The registered copy of your marriage certificate shows Grooms Full legal name and Brides full legal name were legally married on the date of your marriage. Brides don't automatically become know by their husband's names any longer, they have the option to change their name if they choose.

Bride can call her self Mrs. Grooms Surname after the ceremony but at that point she cannot sign a legal document until she has notified the relevant people / government departments and has photo id in her new name.

To do that photocopy the registered copy of your marriage certificate however many times, you will need to work it out but basically you need 1 for: Drivers License / Medicare / Work / Doctor / Bank / Centrelink etc.

Have a JP certify those copies as true copies. Most shopping centers have a JP on duty Saturday mornings and or Thursday evenings. Courthouses have a JP on duty most days. If you cannot find one please come and see me l am also a JP (Qualified).

Start with Medicare, take a copy with you and your photo id and say, l am now married l will be using my husbands surname please change your records accordingly. Some places will want to keep a copy others will just need to see a copy.

As soon as you have Medicare and photo id changed to your new surname you can then legally sign your name as Mrs. Grooms Name

It sounds complicated but it's simple really, you don't need to change everything in one go, as long as Medicare and photo id are ok, then as things pop up with your maiden name just change them.