Baby Naming Ceremonies

Providing a personal identity, giving a sense of family

This is a beautiful ceremony that formally introduces your new baby to your family and friends, much like a christening without the religion.

During my baby naming ceremonies I do a candle lighting using 3 beautiful candles.

Cute Baby

First I get either Mum or Dad to light 1 small candle and one of the godparents to light another small candle then together using the light from the small candles they both light a large candle for the child. (Anyone you choose can take part in lighting the candles)

As part of the ceremony a complimentary wish box is given to your baby, l invite your guests to help themselves to a piece of the 'magic paper' from the wish box and write a wish from their heart for this precious new addition to your family.

Your baby will receive a naming certificate.

Two godparents get a godparent certificate, any sibling 6 years of age or under will receive a big brother/sister certificate acknowledging the importance of being a big brother or sister, it also makes your child feel included in this big event.

All certificates come laminated and presented in a white envelope.

Baby Naming Ceremonies in Brisbane and Ipswich areas are covered by my standard fee. An additional travel fee will apply for baby naming ceremonies on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast’s as well as other areas outside the greater Brisbane area such as Redcliffe or Redlands. For full details please refer to my Celebrant Brisbane Fees section.